Should you charge clients hourly or by the project?

When negotiating compensation for a project, freelancers must choose how they want to charge their client—hourly or by the project. Quoting the client a set amount for the entire project can be appealing. Don’t do it. At least don’t do it in most situations. Here’s why.


9 ways freelance web designers can earn more from their clients

Finding new clients is hard. As a freelancer, every minute you spend reaching out to new prospects is a minute you don’t get to use developing websites and earning money. Marketing yourself is important and necessary, but is also difficult and time consuming.

One way you can earn more without bringing on new customers is to increase the amount of revenue you generate per client. Increasing the value of your existing customers is a great way to make more money as a freelancer. Here are a few ways you can earn more by leveraging clients you already have.